"The Almighty making of the earth, shaping these beautiful plains marked off by star oceans, then proudly setting the suns and moons to glow across the land and light it. The galaxy made quick with life, with each of the nationships who now move on its face."

High King Harald is dead. The shining city of VALHA11A has all but fallen.

Assassinated in the heart of the city space station VALHA11A by Volsung agents, the fugitives escaped to the Outer Rim and created the O.R.A. - the Outer Rim Alliance. The newly formed Senate of VALHA11a is playing catch up, trying to unite a decimated city, raise morale, and prepare for an upcoming war with the Aesir. These Nanorobotic lifeforms grow more powerful by the minute with their armies of Valkyrie. Can the Senate find the last of the Doppel race to strengthen their alliance? Can the Jotun be trusted after their cataclysmic attack on VALHA11A?

A sector divided. The world is torn asunder and forced to rebuild.


Choose your allegiance, uncover the truth, and roleplay your destiny.

Valha11a Map II.jpg

All new Players start with the map above, with some races getting access to an additional map of other sectors. Part of your journey is choosing a Nation that will serve as the foundation of your journey.


RETURNING PLAYERS OF THE FRISII, WAEGMUND, AND GETICA CLASSES ARE FREE AGENTS AND CAN JOIN ANY NATION FOR TOP OF GAME. If you aren't sure which nation to choose, consider the most likely nation your character would be with at the top of the game. You do not necessarily need to declare allegiance to that nation.

At registration, you will choose your nation. Lead by an NPC, your ship will give you and your team some advantages... and disadvantages... for the journey ahead. On your journey, you will encounter planets, spacial anomalies, quests, and foes.

After you choose your name, you will receive and email with instructions on how to begin your journey alongside three prompt storylines you can choose from for your character. After that, you will begin a text conversation over Facebook Messenger with Leading Designer Tiffany Keane Schaefer about your backstory and character. We built characters collaboratively, and once you are happy with your character concept, you will be added to a Player Facebook Group with the rest of the Players. 

Your Nation will be given the choice to try to combine forces with the other Nationships. Some Nations are easier to convince than others and both approaches will come with pros and cons. Choose carefully - your nation will dictate your game's playstyle.

There will be periods of discussions, followed by a vote. Everyone will be allowed to speak and share their ideas. (Think Star Trek Ready Room). Your Captain will lead the vote and majority rules.

Keep in mind throughout the game that our focus as a LARP company is collaborative storytelling. Our adventures are not about winning or losing, but the journey and the story we are telling together as Players and NPCs. While a competitive spirit is fine, we will not condone abusive or negative behavior in any way towards staff or other Players if a group decision is not made to your liking. You will be issued one warning from Game Staff out of game and out of character. If your behavior is perceived to be inappropriate, or if the negative behavior continues, you will be removed from the game without a refund issued.

Please check out our Non-Discrimination Policy for other offenses that will result in removal from our game.

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