• A computer with a webcam.

  • A Zoom Account


  • A Facebook Account for the Player Group

  • A costume. We chose space Vikings because we thought it would be easy for folks to build a costume from things they would already have in their house. Braid your hair, wrap yourself in leather straps, slap on some warpaint! The point of your character is to get creative. If you need inspiration, we have a Pinterest Board to help!

  • Build your own spacepod! Your surroundings during the LARP will help with your immersion. Christmas lights, LEDs, colored lighting, a cool background - all goes a long way to making an environment - get creative! Build your spacepod the way you believe your character would.

  • Water. Even LARPing from home, water is an essential component for health. Keep a bottle of water handy near you.


  • Availability. We are looking for Players to sign on for the full campaign, Wednesday nights from 7 PM - 10PM central time starting April 28nd, 2020 to May 27th, 2020.  One training session before the game is mandatory for participation. Three times will be sent to you in your welcome email to choose from. If you cannot make the session, you must schedule a separate session with the Game Master Tiffany Keane Schaefer by emailing her at Tiffany@otherworldtheatre.org